Volume 31 Number 3 Summer 2019

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From the President   No-till Flower Farming 
Jennie Love 

The Farmer and the Florist   The Mother of All Flower Holidays:
Mother’s Day
Ellen Frost and Laura Beth Resnick

Grower Profile   Sonata Dallison, Serenada 
Jodi Helmer

IPM Update   Bits and Pieces for Early Summer 
Stanton Gill

Shading Cut Flowers   The Future’s So Bright
Ralph Thurston

ASCFG Research Foundation Grant Report – Peony   
Improving production schedules for high-value perennial flowers in Utah: Peony 
Melanie Stock, Brent Black, Daniel Drost, Utah State University 

ASCFG Research Foundation Grant Report – Bacteria   
Can Bacteria Be Beneficial for Cut Flowers?
Michelle L. Jones, Professor and D.C. Kiplinger Floriculture Chair
The Ohio State University

ASCFG Research Foundation Grant Report – To Cut or Not to Cut
Nathan Jahnke and John Dole, Department of Horticulture
North Carolina State University

Regional Reports:
Regional Report – Northeast
Carolyn Snell

Regional Report – Mid-Atlantic
Lisa Ziegler

Regional Report – Southeast
Valerie Schirmer

Regional Report – North and Central
Jamie Rohda 

Regional Report – South and Central
Shanti Rade

Regional Report – West and Northwest
Erin McMullen

Regional Report – Canada
Janis Harris


From the Director   Guest Editorial by Sten Crissey, AAF
Judy M. Laushman