Volume 17 Number 1 Winter 2005

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New Varieties for 2005

Culture Profile  Green. It’s the New…Green.
Rudolf Sterkel

2004 ASCFG Cut Flower Seed Trials
John Dole

2004 ASCFG National Perennial Trials
John Dole

2004 ASCFG National Woody Trials
John Dole

Postharvest of Specialty Cut Flowers  North Carolina State University Report for 2004
F.L. Fanelli, J.M. Dole, W.C. Fonteno, B.T. Harden, and S.M. Blankenship

Letter from the President
Bob Wollam

Back to Basics  Improving Soil Quality Naturally
Alex Hitt

Postharvest Update  Postharvest Success Depends on Preharvest Practices
Gay Smith

Research Updates
Recycled Water Acceptable for Some Cut Flowers
Xylem Blockage in Rose, Astilbe and Viburnum
1-MCP Release Device
Megan Bame

Integrated Pest Management  The Lovable Sunflower and Its Friends
Stanton Gill


Guest Editorial  On Not Envying Europe
Charles F. Kremp

Regional Reports
Chas Gill
Joseph Caputi
Michael Turner
Vicki Stamback
Pat Zweifel
Mimo Davis
Brenda Smith

Grower Profile  Ruth Moore, Heritage Farm Middlebourne, West Virginia
Megan Bame

Hellebore Stems as Specialty Cut Flowers
F.L. Fanelli and J.M. Dole