Volume 19 Number 1 Winter 2007

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From the President
Dave Dowling

2007 New Varieties

2006 ASCFG Cut Flower Seed Trials
John Dole

2006 ASCFG Perennial and Woody Trials

Handling Specialty Cut Flowers
North Carolina State University Report for 2006
John Dole and Erin Y. Possiel

Back to Basics Selling Flowers to Bridal Parties – Yes, Do It!
Joan Thorndike

Grower Profile Quinton and Carolyn Tschetter, Tschetter’s Flowers
Megan Bame

Culture Profile Getting High on Hybrid Lilies
Stanton Gill, Shannon Wadkins, and Suzanne Klick

Moving the Needle The Dangers and Realities of Reflection
Charlotte Morford and Joseph Caputi

IPM Update Wipe it Out?
Stanton Gill

Research Updates 
A Closer Look at Stem Blockage: Air Bubble or Wound Response?
Male and Femail Responses to Flowers and Floral Fragrance
Fluorescing for Fun and Function
Megan Bame

Small Things Considered Looking for a New Customer?
Gay Smith

Day-neutral Sunflowers: Do they exist, and what difference does it make?
Chris Wien

Regional Reports
Chas Gill
Joseph Caputi
Leah Cook
Suzy Neessen
South and Central
Vicki Stamback
Brenda Smith
Jeriann Sabin

Industry News


Book Review

From the Director
Judy M. Laushman