Volume 20 Number 1 Winter 2008

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From the President
Dave Dowling

2008 New Varieties

2007 ASCFG National Cut Flower Seed Trials
John Dole and Judy Laushman

Postharvest Treatment of Specialty Cut Flowers
North Carolina State University Report for 2007
Erin M. Regan and John M. Dole

Culture Profile  Baptisia australis  False blue indigo
Allan Armitage and Judy Laushman

Crushed Under my Boot  Weed Control in Cut Flowers
Steve Bogash and Alexandru P. Surcica

Industry Insider  Pack Trials Have Something for Everyone
Bonnie Marquardt

Small Things Considered  Change is Inevitable, Except from a Vending Machine
Gay Smith

Cornell-copia  Cultural Practices Studies with Cut Floweers, 2007
Chris Wien

IPM Update  Leafminer – Artistic but Detrimental
Stanton Gill and Shannon Wadkins

Research Updates
Potassium Options for Organic Production
How Greenhouse Sanitation Affects Insect Management
Prolonged Vase Life of Lupinus havardii
Megan Bame

Grower Profile  Roy and Linda Doan, Aunt Willie’s Wildflowers
Megan Bame

Regional Reports
Polly Hutchison
Andrea Gagnon
Susan Wright
Suzy Neesen
Vicki Stamback
Brenda Smith
Jeriann Sabin


Celebrating 20 Years

From the Director
Judy M. Laushman