Volume 21 Number 1 Winter 2009

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From the President
Dave Dowling

2009 New Varieties

2008 Cut Flower Seed Trials
John Dole, Ingram McCall, Erin Regan, and Judy Laushman

2008 Perennial Trials
John Dole and Judy Laushman

Postharvest Treatment of Specialty Cut Flowers NCSU Report
Alicain S. Carlson, John M. Dole, and Ingram F. McCall

Back To Basics  Smart Hiring
Becky Devlin

Small Things Considered  Basics, Brass Tacks and Backbone
Gay Smith

Cornell-copia  No More Ugly Buds!
Chris Wien

IPM Update  Is This the Year to Add Herbs to Your Cut Flower List?
Stanton Gill

Research Update 
A Longer Vase Life with Chlorine Dioxide
Testing Biodegradable Mulching Materials and Snapdragons
Comparing Organic and Inorganic Fertilization for Growing Statice and Cockscomb
Megan Bame

Grower Profile  Kirby Bachman, Behold Flowers
Megan Bame

Confronting the Challenges Facing Retail Florists 
Gary A. Anderson

Regional Reports
Northeast   Polly Hutchison
Mid-Atlantic   Andrea Gagnon
Southeast   Susan Wright
Midwest   Quinton Tschetter
South-Central   Josie Crowson
Northwest   Jeriann Sabin
West   Brenda Smith

Grower Grant Research Results 
Outdoor Kordes Roses Trials in and East Coast Soil and Climate
Tom Parker, Parkerhouse Nursery


From the Director
Judy Laushman