Volume 22 Number 1 Winter 2010

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From the President
Vicki Stamback

2010 New Varieties

2009 Cut Flower Seed Trials
John Dole, Ingram McCall, Erin Regan, and Judy Laushman

2008 Perennial Trials
John Dole and Judy Laushman

Postharvest Treatment of Specialty Cut Flowers NCSU Report
Alicain S. Carlson, John M. Dole, and Ingram F. McCall

Culture Profile – Tuberose as a Cut Flower
Laurie Hodges

Small Things Considered – Following Your (Flower) Bliss
Gay Smith

IPM Update  Potential Control for Powdery Mildew and Leaf Spot on Zinnias
Stanton Gill

Research Update  – Effect of S-carvone on Vase Life, Adding Value with Edible Dyes, Effect of Colored Shade Nets on Cut Flower Growth, Freesia Sneak Virus Reported in Virginia, Effect of Calcium on Cut Gladiolus
Megan Bame

Grower Profile – Howard and Judy Lubbers, Ottawa Glad Growers, Holland, Michigan
Megan Bame

Back To Basics – Coolers Go Green
Amy Bauer

Regional Reports
Northeast   Polly Hutchison
Mid-Atlantic   Andrea Gagnon
Southeast   Susan Wright
Midwest   Quinton Tschetter
South-Central   Josie Crowson
Northwest   Diane Szukovathy
West   Christof Bernau

Grower Grant Research Results 
Weed Control Methods for Field-Grown Peonies
Rita Jo Shoultz


From the Director
Judy Laushman