Volume 28 Number 1 Winter 2016

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From the President  From Buying Soda at Wal-Mart to
Selling Flowers at Whole Foods
Frank Arnosky

2016 New Varieties

2015 Cut Flower Seed Trials
John M. Dole, Ingram McCall, and Judy M. Laushman

NCSU Postharvest Report for 2015
John M. Dole and Ingram F. McCall

Grower Profile  Gibby Knoebel, Gib’s Farm
Taking a Bite Out of the Edible Flower Market
Jodi Helmer

Cornell-copia  Managing Ornamental Cabbage Seedlings
Chris Wien

IPM Update  Insects You Love to Hate, and How to Control Them
Stanton Gill

Small Things Considered  Quality is so Yesterday—Premium Rocks
Gay Smith

From the Supply Side  It’s 2016. You Have a Business. You Should Have a . . .
Dave Dowling

Research Foundation Update
Research is Creating New Knowledge

Local Meets Virtual  ASCFG Funds Project to Help Members Sell Flowers Online
Jeanie McKewan and Dennis Fuze

Yoga for Growers 
Jeriann Sabin

Regional Reports
Northeast  Diana Doll
Mid-Atlantic  Lisa Ziegler
Southeast  Tanis Clifton
North and Central  Mimo Davis Duschack
South and Central  Rita Anders
West and Northwest  Lennie Larkin


From the Director
Judy M. Laushman