Grant recipients are required to submit a final research report upon project completion. The report should be in the form of an article for The Cut Flower Quarterly, the ASCFG’s flagship publication


An enticing title will make people want to read your article. For example, Biorational Product Controlled Thrips is more interesting than Thrips Control Products.

Project Summary

Start with a summary of why you submitted the proposal. Tell the readers the problem you were trying to address and why you thought your study design was going to help.


Tell the readers what procedures you used and in what order. Include enough information that a reader could replicate your processes on their own farm.


Summarize the results. If appropriate, include a table of data collected from each treatment. State which procedures had the best results and why you came to that conclusion. Given these results, what will you do differently on your farm? How can cut flower farmers and growers benefit from this information?


Thank the individuals and/or organizations who helped you do the work. Be sure to include any companies that donated products or services to help with the study. Have fun. List your dog Sammy if he helped calm you down when you realized that the report was due last week.