So now we get to the money. List expenses you can quantify in the budget, both those you are asking the ASCFG to pay for and those you are going to contribute to complete the project. Provide a simple description of each item, for example, 1 gallon of Nutsedge-be-Gone at $120.

Tip: Don’t forget to include travel expenses for presenting your findings at a future ASCFG conference!

Sample Budget Template

Expense Type Anticipated Costs

Requested Funds from the ASCFG

Matching Funds
Salary / Wages $
Project Supplies

  • Item One
  • Item Two
  • Item Three
Travel Expenses  $
Other $


Matching Funds

The ASCFG would like to see matching funds, which can be the labor you are going to put into the project. Quantify the cost of the labor. For example, if you estimate that it will take you two hours a week for 15 weeks to do the study (i.e. apply the treatments and collect the data), multiply the number of hours (30) by the value of that time. You may include other expenses as part of the match.